Warren Falls, Warren Vermont Review

Warren Falls and fall foliage in Warren, Vermont
Warren, Washington County, Central Vermont
Trail Length
0.1 miles
Elevation Gain
Plenty of swimming options with varying depth
Trail difficulty
Wheelchair Access
Parking Fees
Easy access, beautiful waterfall, great location.
Picture of Warren Falls and surrounding trees in Warren. VT

Located in Washington County, you’ll find Warren, Vermont. Like most destinations in the Green Mountains, you’ll find a charming, rural town with plenty of character.

Like most of Vermont, when you visit yourself, you’ll notice that the air is somehow fresher and the stress in your body just vanishes. 

Well, one of the most popular destinations in the area is undoubtedly Warren Falls, and here’s what we have to say about it!

Getting to Warren Falls

Warren Falls is directly off of Vermont Route 100.

Coming from Montpelier or Burlington, simply head over to Middlesex using I-89 South to Rt 100 (or Rt 100B to Rt 100) for 20 miles, and you will find Warren Falls on your right.

If you’re coming from the southern side (MA, southern NH, southern VT, etc.), then take I-89 North until you reach Route 107 (Exit 3) to Route 12 in Bethel. 

Once on Route 12, take a left onto Camp Brook Road in a few miles and stay on there until you reach Route 100 in Rochester, VT in about 10 miles.

From there, take Rt 100 North until you see Warren Falls on your left in 20 miles.

What You Need to Know About Warren Falls

Once you arrive, there are no parking fees, even if you intend to stay overnight. There is a parking lot available, so do not park on Route 100, as there is low visibility around the corner.

Other than that, here’s what you need to know!

Is There a Hike?

Warren Falls is located close to the road, so you will only need to take a short walk from the parking lot of 0.1 miles on a packed-dirt trail to see the falls. 

However, you may want to walk further along the falls, as the Mad River goes far. Just remember to stay on the trails!

Can You Swim?

I don’t know, can you?

In all seriousness, yes, swimming is available in the many pools along the Mad River during the warmer months, and the swimming is great!

How Crowded Is It?

If you arrive early in the morning or spend the night, you won’t find any crowds. Considering that camping here is free and the spots are well-spread, we recommend spending a night here and enjoying the falls first thing in the morning.

During the summer, if you visit in the middle of the day, you will encounter other visitors, but it isn’t very overwhelming, even by Vermont standards.

Can I Bring Pets?

Pets are permitted on leashes, even if you are camping. We suggest keeping your more adventurous pets away from some of the pools with larger falls, as there are 10-foot drops with shallow, rocky pools below.

Things to Do Near Warren Falls

After your visit to the falls, there are worse places to spend a day than central Vermont.

Warren itself is a very rural town, but you’ll still find some cute shops in the small downtown area that are worth checking out.

Generally, this area is mostly known for its skiing and hiking activities. There are multiple ski resorts in the area, so if you find yourself visiting one in the winter, consider stopping by Warren Falls.

Regardless, within 10 minutes of the falls, you’ll find:

  • Sugarbush Ski Resort
  • Ole’s Crosscountry Center
  • The Warren Store (specialty & gifts)
  • Moosewalk Art Gallery
  • Local pubs and restaurants

Also, if you’re willing to drive 35 minutes away, there are plenty of things to do in Montpelier all year round.

Best Time of the Year to Visit

As you can see in the photos, we visited on a foggy day in fall. Well, even though it was a cold day with low visibility and past peak foliage, we’d recommend visiting in fall a thousand times over.

We were shocked by the views considering we visited at least a week after peak, and we were there at around 6:30 am with nobody in sight. 

Warren (and the surrounding towns) is on our list of best places to visit in the fall for a reason. Unlike many other spots in Vermont, it isn’t overly crowded during fall, it has clear views of the foliage, and beautiful nature to enhance your experience.

Remember, this is the Northern Green Mountains, so 


Warren Falls is no ordinary waterfall. There are free campsites around here right on the side of the road, and we literally pulled our car up at night and slept in it without any issues before enjoying the Falls.

Remember, these are public lands, so follow Leave No Trace principles, bury your waste, and carry out all toilet paper and garbage.

Enjoy Warren Falls Yourself

Warren Falls and the surrounding area are truly hidden gems tucked away in central Vermont. If you enjoy peaceful nature and stunning with minimal effort, we couldn’t recommend visiting more.

As always, feel free to share your experiences of Warren Falls in the comments below, and keep reading our blog for our latest reviews of your favorite New England destinations!

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