Moving to Lewiston, ME? 6 Things You Need to Know

Lewiston-Auburn has received an interesting reputation, often referred to as the “Dirty Lew” by Mainers. However, that truly isn’t the case.

Lewiston is a unique, small city with a surprising amount to offer. If you’re considering moving to Lewiston, Maine, then here’s what you need to know!

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1. Lewiston Is Not Crime-Ridden

As a couple coming from Fitchburg, Massachusetts, we can assure you that Lewiston is a perfectly safe city to live, work, or raise a family. There are neighborhoods that could use some work, but that’s true of any city. Lewiston was ranked the 8th safest city in Maine, ahead of Brunswick and South Portland, so don’t let anybody scare you when they talk about the “crime rate”.

There are parts of Lewiston that are entirely suburban or even rural. Unless you are within 2 minutes of downtown, you will not feel like you are living in a city.

2. Lewiston Is a Twin City

Like Fitchburg-Leominster or Minneapolis-St. Paul, Lewiston-Auburn (L-A) is a twin city separated by the Androscoggin River.

However, Maine has a different definition of “city” than the rest of the country. These cities are barely even towns, with a combined population of around 59,000. Lewiston is home to just over 36,000 residents, with Auburn safely holding over 23,000.

3. People Are Friendly

People in and around Lewiston-Auburn are very friendly and polite. Like anywhere else, you will run into people who aren’t the friendliest. However, they are outnumbered by the nice, older townies who have lived in Lewiston their entire lives.

While Lewiston isn’t the most “bustling” town for youngsters, it does have a younger population within its borders. There is also a large population of Somali refugees in L-A who are extremely polite and friendly.

4. Many Lewiston Residents Commute

Lewiston-Auburn is a commuter town. While there are jobs in the area, many residents drive to the Portland Metro area. Lewiston is much more affordable to live in than coastal Maine, but it isn’t always cheap.

If you plan to commute to Portland, you will have to factor in your commuting expenses and weigh them with the cost of living. Portland will have higher rent prices, but tolls alone will cost $70 each month coming from Lewiston, and there’s no viable alternative route. Adding in the rising cost of gas, commuting expenses add up!

5. Food Is Everywhere

For such a small city, you will never run out of options for restaurants. If you want burgers and beer, head over to Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub. If you want fast food, there’s no shortage of chains all over town. There are also plenty of local diners, restaurants, and pizza places that are worth trying all around the city!

6. Climate Is Fair

Like all of New England, summers are hot, winters are cold. However, the winters here aren’t too challenging, even coming from southern New England. Lewiston receives an average of 74 inches of snow every year, compared to 90 inches on average in the entire state of Vermont. For New England, it isn’t too out of the ordinary!

Honest Review of Moving to Lewiston, Maine

We are currently living in Lewiston, Maine. We moved up here after living in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for our entire lives, and we love it. Lewiston has easy access to just about everywhere in southern and central Maine, plenty of great nature parks nearby, and a quiet community.

Also, we don’t like cities. We prefer to be in the middle of the woods. In the part of Lewiston where we live, you can barely hear cars, and you have a genuine sense of privacy. That isn’t the case everywhere in the city, but quiet areas definitely exist!

We love many of the restaurants around here, the limited traffic, and especially the parks nearby. Our favorites are the Auburn Riverwalk, Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary, and the Papermill Trail in Lisbon. Overall, we would never try to turn people away from moving here!

See Lewiston For Yourself

If you think moving to Lewiston is a good choice for you, come see it for yourself! It’s a great city with a lot to offer, and it isn’t overwhelming at all.

Keep reading our blog for our latest reviews of your favorite New England Destinations, and share your experiences with Lewiston-Auburn in the comments below!

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