Houston Falls: Bingham, Maine Review & Guide

Bingham, Somerset County, Maine
Trail Length
0.5 miles
Elevation Gain
104 feet
Only 3 to 4-feet deep with plenty of areas. Only swimmable in summer.
Trail difficulty
Wheelchair Access
Easy trail, beautiful scenery, great location.
View of Houston Falls in Bingham, Maine

Located in the heart of Somerset County lies an increasingly popular tourist destination with beautiful natural scenery and family-friendly fun for all ages. Here’s what you need to know about Houston Falls.

Getting to the Falls

When traveling to the falls, you have two options, either take a boat from Wyman Lake or drive around it. Wyman Lake is 13 miles long and part of the Kennebec River chain, so expect to drive a little out of your way coming from Old Canada Road Scenic Byway (Route 201) in Moscow, Solon, or Bingham.

Once there, you won’t have to pay any parking fees or anything. If you do travel by boat, be careful while entering the cove, as it’s quite shallow.

From there, you’ll only have a half-mile walk to the falls on an easy trail. Just beware of slippery rocks and roots sticking out.

Things to Do at Houston Falls

Houston Falls is an excellent attraction in such a rural area. If you find yourself near Bingham, here’s what you can enjoy!


Houston Falls is a great place to go swimming in the summer, but the water is too cold for 8 or 9 months of the year.

Consequently, you should expect some crowds in the main swimming area.

Fortunately, at the risk of divulging local secrets, there are far better swimming areas behind the falls. There are plenty of small pools up top with some easy trails on the left side (facing the falls) to help you get up there safely.

Restaurants Nearby

Valley View Pizza has some excellent pizza and subs for such a small town. You’ll also find plenty of local shops on Route 201 nearby, including the popular Jimmy’s Grocery Store, a local general store, and Chester’s Chicken.

Recreational Activities

Whitewater rafting, ATV riding, and snowmobiling are very popular attractions near Wyman Lake. If you’re in the area at any time of the year, stop and try riding an ATV or UTV through some of the best trails in the country. Maine has over 7,000 miles of ATV trails to enjoy, so you’ll never get sick of it!

Review of Houston Falls

The Falls themselves are absolutely gorgeous, and few would deny that. However, there are some downsides to visiting the area.

Ten years ago, Houston Falls was a well-kept secret, but it’s out.

Because of the short summers in northern Maine, you will find large crowds when visiting here on the weekends between July and August. 

If that isn’t a problem for you, then we couldn’t recommend visiting more! There’s a lot to see in the area that is almost certain to impress you, and stopping at the Falls is worth the trip!

Keep in mind, Houston Falls is far from the only waterfall in the area. There is also Little Houston Falls and Moxie Falls within a short drive, and those are only the most popular.

Overall, the area receives a perfect review. The charming small towns with friendly locals are hard to beat, even for Maine. However, the crowds can be overwhelming.

Four Season Views of Wyman Lake

All of these photos were shot on an iPhone, so don’t think there are any camera tricks at play. Wyman Lake and the surrounding area are truly beautiful and underrated destinations in New England. See for yourself!

  • Wyman Lake with fall foliage
  • Wyman Lake in Bingham, Maine at sunset
  • Feet out on boat on Wyman Lake
  • Wyman lake frozen in winter

See the Falls for Yourself

Now that you’ve heard our review of Houston Falls, don’t just take our word for it. Take a drive up and see for yourself!

As always, feel free to share your experience of the falls in the comments below, and keep reading our blog for our latest reviews of your favorite New England Destinations! For more great waterfall destinations, check out our review of Gulf Hagas!

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