View from the top of Mount Pemigawasett

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  • View of fall foliage on Wyman Lake in Moscow, Maine
  • White Mountains in fall
  • Boston skyline at sunset
  • Snow-covered tree branch in Uxbridge, MA
  • View of the ocean at sunset in Bristol, Rhode Island
  • Warren Falls and fall foliage in Warren, Vermont
  • Fall foliage at Wyman Lake in Moscow, Maine
  • Moxie Falls during autumn in West Forks, Maine
  • Street view of Providence River, Providence, RI
  • Otter River in Baldwinville, MA in the winter

Love Hiking?

Panoramic view from the top of Mount Lafayette in Lincoln, NH
Franconia Notch State Park, White Mountain National Forest, Lincoln, NH

New England is one of the best places in the country for hiking. The mountains may not be as tall as the Rockies, but most are quite manageable for a day trip. No matter your experience or skill level, you’ll find something for you in New England!

Are You a Biker?

Cycling is popular here. Whether you’re a street biker or mountain biker, there are plenty of great biking paths and routes, including the famous Northern Tier Route, which runs from Bar Harbor, Maine to La Push, Washington.

Enjoy Nature?

Fall foliage at Wyman Lake in Moscow, Maine

While New England is home to only one National Park, the State Parks, State Forests, conservation areas, and wildlife refuges remain hidden gems in the US. All of the serenity you’ll find elsewhere without the tourists!

Check out our Parks reviews to learn more!


Whether you’re a swimmer or you love sitting on the beach, New England is full of some of the best beaches and swimming holes in the country. While they may not operate year-round, they’re worth a visit from June through September. Check out some of our favorite beaches to learn more!

View of Acadia National Park coastline from Beehive Trail
Acadia National Park

Other Attractions

Planning on visiting? New England has a lot more to offer than natural beauty. Whether you want a day trip or to spend a week in the great outdoors, historic cities, or somewhere in between, you’ll find it here!